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Improving cost/effectiveness for users
Logo Bioscope 2.png

Bioscope was established in 2011 as a company specializing in researching, developing, and distributing new technologies, ingredients, and products for the medical, pharmaceutical, food, and cosmetic industries to enhance the balance of effectiveness and cost for consumers.

Positioning itself as a technology distribution enterprise, Bioscope collaborates with reputable R&D-based manufacturers to introduce high-tech products to the market. To date, Bioscope has engaged in over 23 research projects, participated in 14 patent applications, and brought to market numerous breakthrough technologies and hundreds of new ingredients, all aiming to improve effectiveness and cost efficiency.

Diverging from traditional commercial distributors, Bioscope invests in co-developing with clients to incorporate advanced technological ingredients into health product projects, accompanying clients on the path to business success.

As of now, Bioscope has successfully marketed three new technologies in the Vietnamese market: nano-active ingredient processing technology, plant mineral enrichment technology, Novaskin transdermal drug delivery technology, and wet Phytosome technology. Moreover, Bioscope has established itself as a trusted partner of reputable manufacturers globally


Opting for a different direction in the medical field, Bioscope's members understand the importance of continuous learning and wholehearted dedication to innovation to elevate the quality of healthcare for the community.

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Bioscope is a small company, so it has to compete with the difference

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​We build competitive advantages based on technology and differentiation mindset

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Goodwill can be sustainable if only it also profitable

Herbal Medicine

Supplying special ingredients for the health industry

Bioscope provides high quality raw materials and effective formula advice for functional foods, cosmetics, hygiene products,... 


Formulation development and outsourcing (ODM)

Bioscope provides the service of developing original formulas, consulting on production, processing, and batch cutting of dietary supplements and cosmetics at qualified factories in Vietnam and abroad.

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